Disneyland Paris is Gaining Ground as a Tourist Destination

Disneyland Paris is Gaining Ground as a Tourist Destination

Disneyland Paris has launched the summer season with new proposals for European families as a branded tourist destination. And it seeks to overcome more than 14 million visitors who registered in 2014, with an average occupancy rate of over 80%. Figures in the Spanish market play an increasingly larger role. Javier Moreno, director of the park to the south of Europe, including Portugal, Spain and Italy, highlights the important role representing travel agents in the marketing of product.

Spanish families recorded a longer stay than other markets.

How this summer season comes in Disneyland Paris?

We are optimistic, especially considering that in the first half of fiscal year -from March-October to late, revenue grew 11% over the previous year, thanks mainly to England, France and Spain. Furthermore, this summer we have a very important proposal for Spanish families. Frozen, the biggest success of the last years of Walt Disney Company.

How presale strategies that you develop each year work?

Spain has become a critical market in this strategy. The campaign early summer sale we made in February is the largest in Europe. We are making this since 2006, but this is the second year it is open to all distribution channels.

Also it takes two years the proposal to provide two nights and two days free. No work strategy of offering discounts but added values.

What is the role of the travel agent?

In Spain, 90% of bookings come through mediation and there is still a horizon of spectacular growth. Most of the families who visit us come first and that means that the role of the travel agent is essential. They need someone to advise them on what is the best time to go, the ideal place to take your kids or length of stay, among other ages.

Javier Moreno is responsible for markets in southern Europe.

What have forecast for cruises?

For the third consecutive year in August we have a boat in the Mediterranean, the Disney Magic, based in Barcelona harbor. It is a customized product, the customer has as little or as much as you like Disney. It is a new proposal which has had a very positive response and full fill the loop of all Disney experiences.

Who are the main users?

In Europe, the UK, we are the second market. 

Disneyland Paris has two convention centers. How does this area for the Spanish market?

The main market is French. Spain does not weigh the same market conventions in the holiday, but there is great potential to develop.

The park is renewing its seven hotels and has introduced new attractions. How much is the investment?

In the last four years we have invested over 400 million euro throughout the product renewal, attractions, hotels, new shows…….

What are the main differences between the European markets?

There are many differences in more than 20 markets in which we operate. Some are less seasonal and take more visits throughout the year. The British, for example, goes well also in winter, while in Spain the key months are June, July and August. However, we are gaining market share at other times such as Christmas. On January 5 we organize a unique event Reyes Magos for Spanish families you are having a huge success.

What distinguishes the Spanish market?

Spain is a very interesting market because families have a longer stay than other countries. We are reaching an average of four nights and five days. We are no longer just a destination weekend, we experience gained ground as a week. Also we offer the possibility of combining the park with visits to Paris, a product that works very well in Spain and that encourages longer stays.

Also the agency market?

Yes. We have several types of tours and in this product the importance of agencies is also appreciated because we have one of the largest percentages in Europe in selling additional services. You can reserve from the beginning, which means additional income for aid agencies and the sale of Disney package, which reverses that we are an interesting destination for travel agents.

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