The 10 Destinations to Visit in 2016

The 10 Destinations to Visit in 2016

Do you already know where to spend your next vacation? If you have not yet decided, maybe this list of Lonely Planet, one of the ‘bibles’ of the travelers help you choose your new destination.The prestigious guide recently published a list of countries and cities that attract the attention of world tourism in 2016, either for sporting events or for hosting major events. Also due to openings of museums and large infrastructure projects, or simply because they are emerging as major tourist secrets.

Anniversaries and celebrations will appeal to travelers to discover these destinations. Take note and suitcases ready, not only to travel, but to be part of important world events.

Rio Olympics

5 to August 21, 2016, Rio de Janeiro will host 10,500 athletes from 206 countries at the Olympic Summer Games, in its thirty-first edition. It will be the first time that this event takes place in South America and 306 medals will be awarded in 42 sports, including two new ones: golf and rugby. Tickets are already on sale and there are nearly 3.8 million of them costing less than $ 30.

While all eyes are set on Rio de Janeiro, with the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, the Corcovado and other Charms- immense, Lonely Planet recommends another Brazilian destination not far away: the Costa Verde.
“A few kilometers west of the city has a pristine stretch of coastline comprising emerald peaks, placid islands and almost deserted beaches. A haven for nature lovers, “describes the portal.

Norway for youth

Sporting events are always an excuse to find a destination. This is the case of Lillehammer, a small country town in Norway, which will become a major tourist attraction in hosting the second edition of the Youth Olympic Games, between 12 and 21 February.

Besides sports, Lillehammer, which was unveiled in the world with the Olympic Winter Games 1994 captivates tourists with its icy landscapes, wildlife parks and museums cars, Olympic and Modern Art.

The city is 186 kilometers from Oslo, the vibrant capital of Norway, which always attracts attention of tourists with art, history and bohemian life.

Anniversary in Latvia

Latvia celebrates its first quarter century outside the Soviet regime, which celebrates recovering their ancient traditions, restoring legendary castles hidden in forests and transforming its gastronomy. The anniversary of the independence of this country, a member of the European Union, is an excuse to visit its capital: the majestic Riga.

According to Lonely Planet, Riga has become the European Capital of Culture. It is also considered by the most experienced travelers as one of the best kept secrets in Europe. An immaculately preserved medieval city that has not yet been invaded by mass tourism. A city steeped in history, monuments, churches, museums, cafes and bars.

United States, naturally

The National Park Service-system of protected areas of the United States celebrates its centenary this year. It is time to enlist the camping equipment and hang the bag for touring Yosemite, Yellowstone, Badlands and 56 other US national parks that promise landscapes with monumental canyons, forests with trees and giant, crystal clear lakes and rivers, and other natural wonders .

Lonely Planet recommends, on time, visit the Haleakala Volcano and parks, located in the idyllic Hawaiian. This year, the famous archipelago commemorates the 75th anniversary of the legendary attack on Pearl Harbor and broaden its appeal to lovers of sun and beach, good food, history and adventure. National parks are a distinct and natural option to know the wild side of the sophisticated and stylized United States.

Fun in Greenland

Greenland -island different locations in the northeastern part of North America, between the Atlantic Ocean and the ocean Glacial Ártico- host the first edition of the Arctic Winter Games, to be held in March 2016. In the event athletes compete on the modalities of skiing, skating, surfing, hockey and other sports in the snow. The event will be accompanied by a gastronomic and musical festival.

The newspaper El Pais in Spain ensures that Greenland is one of the destinations to be visited soon, climate change lurking. This may be an opportunity to see the midnight sun shining on the glaciers, navigating between whales come to the surface, snow go dog sledding or enjoy the spectacular Northern Lights.

A toast in Germany

October live intensely in the German state of Bavaria, for the 500th anniversary of the Law of the Beer Purity, under the biggest festival of this drink that is made in the world takes place: the Oktoberfest.

Bavaria also is an exceptional tourist destination for its fairytale castles, thick forests and medieval villages, described by Lonely Planet as “the most exemplary state of Germany”.
The state capital Munich, captivates with its gardens, preserved palaces and museums, with the main stage of the Oktoberfest and the epicenter of tourism in the region.

Iceland and surprises

The Langjökull glacier in Iceland, was fitted in June 2015 to become Into the Glacier, artificial ice cave where tourists can visit attractions frozen since 2016.

The stunning Dettifoss waterfall in northeast Iceland.
According to the Spanish daily El País, it was in this area, specifically in Snaefellsnes peninsula, where Jules Verne stood the entrance to the center of the Earth.

Moreover, west Iceland, where this unique attraction, is a destination that offers rugged lava fields and impressive waterfalls, glaciers apart from the characteristic wrapped in clouds. It is located just two hours drive from Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital.

Discover Botswana

Botswana is a destination with more than 20 tourist and natural attractions to visit: from wildlife sanctuaries to native villages in South Africa. Its territory makes bird watching and can be explored on horseback. In this 2016 celebrates 50 years of independence, which are the excuse to visit one of the most recommended places for safari.

“The evolution of Botswana, from abject poverty in 1966 to become one of the most stable societies and prosperous continent, is most inspiring and deserves praise “, as quoted Lonely Planet. This African destination is a nature sanctuary where you can see all kinds of wild animals outdoors.

Art in Rotterdam

For the next few weeks in Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands, it is planned the opening of the Museum Rotterdam. This is an avant-garde art complex located in the Timmerhuis building, designed by the famous architect Rem Koolhaas.

Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands, will open a new museum and a park for water activities.
And later, the system Eurostar train between London and Amsterdam, a new service will stop in the city. In addition, in August it will be inaugurated RIFF10 project that will make the Steigersgracht canal in the heart of Rotterdam, a destination for water sports.

Tourism and religion in Rome

If you have not yet visited the Italian capital, this year will have the perfect excuse. Pilgrims from around the world will attend to the call of Pope Francisco to participate in the Year of Mercy. The Vatican and hundreds of temples of the Eternal City have religious and cultural activities within the framework of this important Catholic celebration. Recently, Roma restored two emblematic monuments: the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain. Film fans and James Bond movies will know there scenarios where ‘Spectre’, was recorded the last film of the saga.

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