Concept of Ecotourism

Concept of Ecotourism

Definitions of Ecotourism
TIES stands for – The International Ecotourism Society that is supposed to the first organization to be committed for promoting the principles of ecotourism.
Its definition of Ecotourism: Ecotourism is responsible travel to natural areas that contributes to environmental protection and well-being of local people .
•    Ecotourism and Sustainable Development
•    The Socio-Economic Issues

The ecotourism is an effective tool of:
•   Economic recovery. (More profitable in the medium and long term that extractive nature      management) for natural areas or threatened cultural sites
•   From the development of local jobs, without destroying the environment.
•   The fight against poverty and cultural recovery
Destinations that are turning to ecotourism have a good image with tourists (certainty of a protected environment).
The Environmental challenge
•    Ecotourism is a tool to:
•    Control its impact on the environment
•    Finance environmental protection projects.
Governance and ecotourism
•    Ecotourism seeks to involve local communities
•    Promoting awareness among residents of the host country
•    The tourists need to preserve the natural and cultural capital

Global Initiatives
The UN had declared 2002 as the International Year of Ecotourism: an essential vector of sustainable development.
Examples from around the world were observed, and it was shown that ecotourism is often accompanied by very positive results on the preservation of the environment and the development of local populations. Some countries have taken steps ahead of this theme: Costa Rica, Sweden, and Australia.

European initiatives
A European charter has been published for sustainable tourism in protected areas.

Initiatives from France
More and more tourism providers are wishing to embark on the path of sustainable development. We must redouble our efforts to reconcile tourism and the environment in our own territory
A French Ecotourism Association: The Logo of AFE Association of Francoise has been unveiled for the development of eco-tourism and sustainable tourism. The motto of the organization is to
•    Disseminate and provide information, advice and training on ecotourism
•    Provide visibility on existing deals through the site
•    Represent France in international organizations

What remains to be done in terms of ecotourism?
The objectives are many:
•    Increase the number of tourists who practice ecotourism during their stays abroad
•    Select tourist structures involved
•    Encourage governments to include ecotourism within their development policies.

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