Common Problems While Traveling by Plane

Common Problems While Traveling by Plane

Journey by plane is the best journey but often people face some common problems on plane journey. You’ve been preparing for months for your trip and just when you are about to board the plane, you lose the case or count extra charge for excess baggage. Sound familiar? Well, it’s time to fix it. If you do not want anyone or anything to embitter your winter vacation, here are some tips that you should read carefully.

  1.  Forgotten PASSPORT ?

You arrive at the airport and you realize that you forgot or you have lost your passport. What to do? If you have little time to leave your flight, do not waste a second. Some airports can expedite provisional entry when one only can present his ID and boarding pass. But make sure you have carried your passport unless its late for avoiding all sorts of unwanted hassles. 


One day, upon arrival, you realize that you have your passport which is missing or stolen. Do not worry, there are solutions: the first thing to do is to file a complaint with the local police and get the number of the concerned consulate or embassy for emergency appointment. There you can fill out a report and, if possible, submit another document that identifies you. It’s always good to pack a copy of your passport and a couple of pictures as document that  you might have to issue for replacement.


  1. Late to Catch the Flight ?

If you get late for the airport in right time, there is still hope of boarding in the plane. The most practical is that no invoices with the suitcase, if you can; if not, ask to be let get through. Hopefully, they warn that a passenger is up and the plane will wait. In any case, claimed by you that the security control staff sneaking you, might not be entertained too with your luggage. Once it is past for the control you have only one option: Run!

  1. Missed the FLIGHT ?

 If Murphy’s Law has decided to act against you, and you ran there on time after the plane left. In this case, depending on which airline you fly, you’ll pay more or less money (or nothing, if you are a member). If the fault is not yours (for example: if you’ve missed a connecting flight by a delay in the above way), you do not have to pay anything. Hopefully, some things can get out free or maybe make you some kind of discount. Of course, you should wait until there is a free site on the next flight to catch.


It is one of the greatest fears of flying, especially since it is quite common. If there is nobody around the tape and leave no more room, your worst forecasts might have confirmed. Go to the airline counter and inform the staff that you need luggage. In some cases, they’ll give you some basic products to meet those who are lost. If not, your holiday will become almost for constant purchases: the airline will compensate you for the loss and, as locate luggage, you will be told to go and get them. Surely, your travel insurance also covers this issue, so check well the clauses. And although it seems a wizard, it never hurts to bring a clean change of underwear in the handbag.



This will have happened on occasion. If so, you know the best tricks : put everything you can (preferably, despite what most). You will travel like the Michelin Man, but you will get rid of incidental expenses before catching the flight.

Ayon Dutta

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