China Tightens Security Checks on Foreign Airlines

China Tightens Security Checks on Foreign Airlines

Foreign airlines are always under strict rules and control by the Civil aviation authority of china. Even after some recent unwanted incident in the airline industry, China has imposed more strict regulations to tighten the security checks on foreign airlines. As announced by the Civil Aviation Administration of China ( CAAC ), China has introduced a new control program security that tightens security assessments and supervision over foreign airlines operating in their airports. The program includes 34 assessment points including registration of accidents.

Currently, a total of 156 foreign airlines are operating in China, with 374,000 flights last year , figures represent 11% of total air travel in China. According to a report from the Chinese news agency Xinhua, the new program is a supplement to CCAAR-129, an operating specifications created in 2005 that are required for foreign commercial airlines operating in Chinese airspace, established by the CAAC;

Beijing Capital International Airport ( BCIA overview).

The program specifies 34 points for evaluation, including accidents, to evaluate the operation of foreign airlines in China. With an initial score of zero, each airline has 12 points deducted before the CAAC revoke its certificate of conformity CCAR-129 and lock their flights to China. Each airline will earn one point if you operate safely for six months straight.

As they explain, the program comes after plane crashes in recent years .” Some poor airline operations pose huge security risks “, he has criticized the CAAC. Chinese officials say the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the United States and the European Union established a similar program before China.

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