How to book trips at the best price

How to book trips at the best price

We all like to book our holiday at the lowest price. Some of us usually get more cautious on it. However, the reality is that hardly anyone gets the best price what he expects, basically because we do not consider a number of basic guidelines and tips, and we don’t have enough knowledge to compare.

We all know, for example, that prices for a flight fluctuates and may vary depending on the time at which we buy. However, we also believe that the price will increase as time passes and the more we delay, the more it will get expensive.

This is not entirely true. There are data, as reflected in the latest survey by Skyscanner, which show that in Spain, the best time to buy our flight is seven weeks before the date there of. According to an analysis by the company, it is on that date that a flight usually achieves the best price. If you intend to acquire a company’s low flight cost, this period shall be six weeks. Like everything, sure there are always exceptions, but it is a fact to keep in mind that we can not rush to take when buying our next ticket.

Getting the cheapest flight also depends on the date you want to travel. For example, the last week of January is the cheapest way to travel, while the month of May is usually more economical.

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Another way to save on your trip is to choose the destination based on the budget you have. There are sites like Drungli , which can put the dates you want to travel and gives you the cheapest destinations you can go at that particular time. If you’re adventurous and do not mind for your final destination, this can be a very good choice.

Regarding hotels, is exactly the same. Despite pressure by having large booking sites in online to ensure minimum price to each of them, the fact is that today there is much difference in the price you can find in either site. For this, it is best to use a buyer of hotels like Exprimehoteles or Trivago . With these tools you will see the minimum price offered by each of websites in one place.

Also, keep in mind that most web pages allow you to make your reservation canceling 24 or 48 hours before your arrival, so it is not worth making a reservation if you find a good price and later, if the price you see in improvement, cancel it and make a new one. This way you ensure that the initial rate you found.

Finally, if you’re constantly looking for the best deals, you should point to one of the many newsletters that exist to receive special offers and last minute agencies weekly draw. All large booking websites offer this opportunity to regularly receive their best offers.

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