Boeing’s Net Profits Fall

Boeing registered a net profit of 1,110 million dollars (1,063 million euro’s) in the second quarter of the current year. It won 1,653 million dollars (1,513 million euro’s) in the same period of the previous year (reduce 33% in comparing with the last year). 

However, during the period, the American fleet maker increased its revenue up to 11% by gaining 24.543 million dollars (22,467 M €). They had made this possible by delivering a record number of commercial aircraft.In the first half, the US aircraft (Boeing) manufacturer earned 2,446 million dollars (1,944 million euro’s), down 7% compared to 2.618 million dollars (2240.7 million euros) in the same period a year earlier;

On the contrary American fleet makers make revenues of US $ 46.692 million (42.773 million euros), a 10% increase over the same period the previous year which amounted to 42 510 million (31.573 million euros).

Boeing’s net profits fall by a third in the second quarter

According to the selling & Commercial division of Boeing Airplanes, the company delivered 197 aircraft (+9%) in this assessment period. Boeing’s total income enhance 16.877 million dollars (15,454 M €), an increase in 18%. On the contrary, its operating profit declined 1,206 million dollars (a decrease in 22%). It reduced its operating margin 7.1 million (a total decrease of 10.8%) in the current period in comparison with the same quarter last year.

  • Between January and June, the division accumulates 381 deliveries (increase delivery by 11%)
  • It makes revenues of $ 32.258 million (total revenue increase by 19%) 
  • but matter of regret that its operating profit decreased by $ 2.823 million (-8%)
  • It reduced its net operating margin from 11.3% to 8.8% (compares with the same period last year)

However it is a matter of hope that, in the final quarter, selling & administrative area of Boeing commercial aircraft orders for 116 aircraft [Model; Boeing 737 MAX ]. Also this new and creative model make it possible to rise 2,800 new orders since its launch.In addition, Boeing is trying to assemble some new feature on B737 MAX model and also try to complete its review version as soon as possible.

[the new version is termed as 787-10 Boeing Dreamliner ]

President and CEO of Boeing, Dennis Muilenburg , said about these figures are “the strong results of the implication of highly engineering and technology on commercial aircraft and it will contribute greatly to defense”.

However Boeing makes it possible to maintain a “positive” outlook for the final quarter of the year.
Muilenburg also pointed out that “Boeing will grow up steadily its productivity as well as profitability because it is capturing new orders and providing added values  to investors”.

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