The Best City in Europe

The Best City in Europe

The best city in europe is ranked by so many travel & tourism magazines and newspapers but most of the travelers in the world prefer their favourite travel destinations as the best city in europe which are also relative to many people. People always have attraction on the best. Human mind always seeks the thing which is best. American travelers choose Florence, placed the best city among the top ten cities in Europe. The duomo of Florence is the place where the best views of the city are obtained. When the Etruscans chose the Tuscan countryside to settle its majestic civilization, they proved to have excellent taste to build it.

The Best City in Europe

Florence is a city that seduces people by its nature. It has been voted the best city in Europe in 2015 by Travel & Leisure. Many prestigious magazine of American asks their readers every year about their favorite cities on every continent in the world. This time, the European list is headed by two Italian cities, Florence and Rome.

I love Florence city. In this city a perfect combination of art, culture and innovation breathe because there are many historical monuments that stand strongly upholding its long tradition and history. It has also great colonial architectural pieces, on the outskirts of the city. It surprises the viewers for its modern style. This mixture of different contrasts makes this city a unique place and “hard to forget”.

While walking the streets you will have a special atmosphere. A great way to enjoy this town is like stepping through the old town in the early hours of the morning, before the sun rises. In this way, you can appreciate better the Duomo, Santa Maria del Fiore, the bronze doors of the Baptistery and the views from the Ponte Vecchio. It is one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve seen in this city “, says Kamila Placzek, a Polish exchange student in Florence.

Admiration for its gastronomy is nothing new. One is the “aperitivi”, a dinner of “tapas”. People eat this basically around seven thirty in the evening until ten o’clock at night. They cost from 5-20 Euros, according to the bars and the variety of the menu. The table is long and tasty, and this are contained with pizza to salads sausages and very refreshing Annabel.

Young people are also increasingly checking in frequent small bars where they enjoy music, poetry and lectures on politics. The small bars, located near the old town, in the small corners of the city remain open throughout the week. Any remarkable tourist can be part of these bars.

What types of markets are in the lists that tourist deserves to spend their pastimes? The San Lorenzo market is open all year. Now it is renovated, on the second floor you will find a selection of bars and cafes and other vanguardistas-típicas food of the region of Tuscany.

The bicyclist is something we do not like a lot. However, it is the only way of true experience. Because it is a city with many possibilities for urban routes, get to abandoned theaters and delighted parks, which only give you access if you use this means of transport. Besides renting a bicycle is accessible to any pocket, hours, days, even years.


The ranking of the top ten spot in world in 2015 for the readers of Travel & Leisure is this: 

1. Kyoto. 

2.Charleston, South Carolina. 

3.Siem Reap, Cambodia. 

4. Florence. 

5. Rome.

 6. Bangkok.

 7. Krakow, Poland.

 8. Barcelona.

 9. Cape Town. 

10. Jerusalem

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