Enjoy the Best Applications for Travel

Enjoy the Best Applications for Travel

Apps that offer maps, compasses and first aid will enhance your travel experience. Know some applications that seek to make their trips more enjoyable time. Know some applications that seek to make their trips more enjoyable time.

Vacationing year-end? Perfect day for a walk, biking, camping, exploring and sightseeing. These experiences may be better if you use applications, which offer plenty of options.

For example, compasses. There are many applications in stores, but the 2D Level Android is perfect in its simplicity and because it does not overwhelm with advertising. In fact, it shows no advertising at all.

Sometimes go camping or to a more or less extensive hike carries some risks, and requires a number of skills. First Aid app. The Red Cross is an example, as it offers instructions for almost any emergency that may arise. It is available for iOS and Android.

For its part, the SAS Survival Guide application of Trellisys explains in detail how to light a fire, navigating by the stars, finding water, signs, codes and more. Significantly it comes in lite version (free) and commercial. It is also available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 7, but only in English. Spanish is an option on the Restart Survival Manual.

A key maps will always help. Those of Google now also allow downloading sectors to access them offline (it is rare that we have good connectivity during our outdoor activities).

Other two good options are offline maps apps Here and popular Maps.Me. Here it is present on all platforms, and Maps.Me for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

One of the best advantages of walking, running or biking with the smartphone is that, thanks to the GPS, we can register our travels, keeping statistics and create tours. This is the case of My Tracks and My Route, which also allows to associate pictures to the tours.

For cyclists are Urban and Road Bike Biker. Both serve the same purpose: to record our bike tours (including maps) and provide statistics. But each one is better in one respect. Urban Biker (Android) is perfect as board real-time information. Reports from the speed and duration of the ride to the distance, energy consumption, altitude and a long list of other values.

It stops automatically when you stop moving and detects when the courses are too short to be worth saving. Also this app does not ask for personal information or require registration on a site; important as it may disclose to third parties our routines.

Road Bike, Android and iPhone, meanwhile, asked us to register but does not make this a must (like many other apps of its kind in the stores), and shines not only in the statistics showing abundant but also in clear and very visual way to display them.

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