Berlin, The capital of Europe-(Part-3)

Berlin, The capital of Europe-(Part-3)

East Side Gallery

In the area where the Friedrichshain district is located, the government of the GDR up several blocks of apartments are working for along in the street Stalinalle, renamed Karl Marx Alle class. Today the buildings have been rehabilitated with affordable prices, and it is one of the best places in Berlin with youthful atmosphere. Friedrichshain also has the last long stretch of the Berlin Wall: 1300 meters of wall known by the name of East Side Gallery.

The Wall

On November 9, 1989, it has gone down in history as the day that the Berlin Wall finally fell. The GDR politburo announced a cease restrictions step by mid-afternoon to midnight for which thousands of young people from both sides of the city had begun to tear it down. The wall of shame was built in August 1961 when the GDR decided to separate the city of Berlin so that its citizens could not go to the west.

Berlin Wall in Night

The wall came to have an extension of 155 kilometers. The Mikhail Gorbachev came to power in the former USSR marked a definite change in international politics. The demolition of the wall and the subsequent reunification of Germany ended the era of the Cold War and with the hundreds of dead who tried to cross the wall during its 30 years of existence. Currently the largest fragment of wall, about 1.3 kilometers is preserved in the East Side Gallery, while his murals were painted by artists from around the world in the nineties. Near Potsdamer Platz and the Bernauerstrasse few meters of the original wall remains. Right next to the East Side Gallery Oberbaumbrücke bridge leads directly into the heart of Kreuzberg. With fine weather and very pleasant walk from the East Side Gallery leads you to across the bridge to the center of Kreuzberg.

Amazing Berlin

In about an hour’s walk we can reach Maybauchafer and the Turkish market. Northbound, Prenzlauer Berg was known by the nickname of Kreuzberg East, where people lived with less resources of the former East Berlin. During the last decades, the area has been totally renovated and many Berliner’s middle class families have moved to live in this neighborhood.

If you do not have much time for it, then your visit can be ignored. If you have a few hours remaining at your hand, then you can approach the Mauer Park, Parque del Muro where another fragment of the Berlin Wall remains. You can also visit the organic market in Kollwitz square or enjoy the atmosphere in the Rosa Luxemburg Platz.

 If you want to visit the center, then some stores might stop you at Kastanienallee to go down the street, the heart of Prenzlauer Berg. In any case, Berlin is above all a city of open spaces and people. A city that is easy to walk, live and live.


Undoubtedly in spring and autumn, when the weather is nice and the ticket prices is cheaper than other usual time. Summer can also be a good choice, though some days are especially hot. In winter, temperatures are low and it is very cold, but Berlin is a city with a high percentage of young people for whom low temperatures are not an impediment to know and enjoy. Note that in Berlin it rains often, especially outside of the summer months.

wine tourism


As an open and cosmopolitan city, Berlin is a showcase of serving international, Chinese, Japanese, Thai or otherwise. Among the specialties of the cuisine of Berlin, it must be put first to the Currywurst sausage, cooked sausage with curry and accompanied by potatoes that you can eat practically at every local city. Other German food specialties are pork, Kasseler Rippen -costillas- and other meats such as beef and chicken cooked in the traditional way, as well as the typical dishes of cabbage and vegetables. Among the beers, the Berliner Weizenbier Weise are sold virtually all the bars. Also Turkish food and traditional kebabs can be enjoyed with great implementation because of the Turkish community. Hours are spacious and most of them do not close until eleven at night.

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