Berlin, The capital of Europe-(Part-2)

Berlin, The capital of Europe-(Part-2)

Green and neighborhoods

Berlin is a city with more than thirty percent of green surface. The Tiergarten park is the heart of the city and gives this neighborhood that extends westward beyond the Brandenburg Gate. Right in the middle of the park Victory Column, one of the most significant monuments rises. On the right side of the park is the Reichstag, seat of the Parliament of Germany after reunification, and new government buildings that show the modernity of the architecture of Berlin.

Heading south from the Reichstag reach the Potsdamer Platz, another point of interest. The whole area has been rebuilt and here you can admire the Sony Center, a building of futuristic design and architectural island located next to where the best architects have created a neighborhood that visitors do not get tired of admiring. Also one end of Tiergarten finds another island museum, known as the Kulturforum which houses the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Bauhaus Museum and Art Gallery.

Specials in Berlin

All year long, there are queues to enter and visit the Reichstag and the futuristic dome designed by architect Norman Foster. It is a place not to be missed, first for its futuristic design and, secondly, because from the top, you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of Berlin. A good idea is being there for early in the morning or, as the last entry is allowed until ten at night, late. The district of Charlottenburg was the center of old West Berlin and although after the fall of the wall the role of the city was around the Brandenburg Gate, still retains its vitality, especially around the Kurfürstendamm, the wide boulevard lined of prestigious shops that once was built on the model of the Champs Elysees in Paris.


The Kurfürstendamm Breitscheidplatz which leads to the ruined tower of the Memorial Church Kaiser Wilhelm II stands. Willmersdorf is located south of Charlottenburg and is essentially a residential neighborhood that houses the Grunewald. Park beside the River Havel, one of the fluvial arteries of the city. The Ludwichkirch square is the place to stop to eat at one of their restaurants. East of the district Willmersdorf Shöneberg found already in the seventies was known to offender. Here most of the local gay scene is concentrated. Places Winterfeldplatz Nollendorfplatz and the Motzstrasse triangle, Eisenacherstraße and Fuggerstrasse streets are the center of the action.


In this neighborhood, in the cemetery Städtischer Friedhoff III, is the tomb of Marlene Dietrich. After the end of World War II, the Kreuzberg district was completely destroyed and it was not until the early sixties when he began to regain some vitality. Young people from all parts of Germany and majority-the Turkish immigration in Berlin were settled in the neighborhood streets to make it one of the most dynamic and alternative creating a bohemian atmosphere. After the fall of the Wall, Kreuzberg, which Berliners fondly call the Little Istanbul, has continued to transform.  Now is a diverse district, where all kinds of people mix, including some young executives, and that makes us think multiculturalism of Berlin.


 In Kreuzberg, we find the new Jewish Museum that traces the relationship between the Jewish people and Germany, and also the Türkenmarkt, an outdoor market that takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays. To the side of Mitte, the former Check Point Charlie, the border crossing, immortalized in many movies between East Berlin and West Berlin is now rebuilt as a tourist attraction and it is fun and somewhat anachronistic.

Beside the museum Aus am Checkpoint Charlie, Friedrichstrasse in Mitte that since extends to Kreuzberg. It is one of the most visited in Berlin. The liveliest area is concentrated around Kottbuser Oranienstrasse and there are several bars and restaurants are very popular.


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