Apple Wants To Revolutionize Tourism

Apple Wants To Revolutionize Tourism


Airlines, hotels and online agencies are preparing for Apple Watch

The launch of Apple Watch is making a huge buzz and drawing a great attention for the all stakeholders in the tourism industry. Hotel chains and airlines already have their own applications to this new device but it is still surrounded by considerable uncertainty about whether it will be a success or a failure.

The truth is that the new Apple device has stepped towards wearable technology  that has created a great expectation in the tech and tourism world.

And the clock system functions with Android that are supposed to be cheaper than any other devices of the Apple. It is also said to be a user friendly device.

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In any case, these new smart watches are no longer an extension of the smartphone, as they need to be synchronized with the user’s phone to connect to the Internet, receive notifications, etc.

The small size of the screen can be a handicap. However, to receive certain notices on the wrist, or display certain data, can be much more convenient and fast compared to a smartphone.

Will Apple return to revolutionize tourism just as it did in 2007, when it launched the first iPhone?

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Using faster boarding passes

Explains easyJet , “Apple Watch is designed to provide customized notifications to passengers”.

And in this sense, “many industry experts believe that one of the most exciting aspects of this new mobile technology is its ability to provide users with key information more accessible and more easily “, adds the airline.

Thus, the clock will be connected with the application of easyJet, which provide personalized information to passengers on your flight in real time.

“One of the main benefits of this application will be the boarding pass to Passbook system that will allow its use faster and convenient around the airport, “easyJet said.

The tool Glances (glances, in Spanish) another of the main features of Apple Watch, inform and remind passengers the key information of your trip.

This will include information prior to departure, details of their check-in, information about foreign exchange, the weather forecast for your destination and your flight status in real time, based on the tracking tool easyJet Flight Tracker.


Glances even show the passenger the best time to board the plane with a practice countdown function. These notifications will be sent directly to the device and user will get a soft touch on his wrist.

Passengers can also tweet and post on Facebook in the different stages of your journey directly from the face of his watch.

Hotel Chains

Meanwhile, implementation of the hotel group Accor for Apple Watch function as “prolongation of the application of smartphones,” according to this chain.

Thus, customers will be informed of the e-check in; access information on their reserves (arrival date, number of nights, number of people); have information on amenities (free wifi, parking, spa, and pool); access interactive maps, directions to the hotel, weather information.

Meanwhile, the hotel chain Starwood has announced that its app for Apple clock is allowed to use the device as the room key, without even stopping at reception.


Meanwhile, Marriott International will enable the Apple Watch that can be used to pay on receipt of their hotels as it is synchronized with the system apple pay.

Thus, it will be an alternative to payment in cash or by credit card. It can be used in hotels brands The Ritz-Carlton, Edition, Renaissance Hotels and Marriott Hotels.

Other companies in the tourism industry who have prepared specific applications for Apple Watch are the online agency Expedia and car rental service with driver Uber .

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