Airlines Reduce the Size of Hand Luggage

Airlines Reduce the Size of Hand Luggage

The passengers choose to travel with hand luggage larger than allowed.

The scene is repeated in each plane which takes off every day worldwide. Passengers in addition to dispatching the limit of weight which is allowed for carrying, are often seen to be loaded on the plane with other personal bag trying, often by force, bringing into the trunk located above your seat.

The problem is that the measures of the bags vary. And airlines often require the passenger to dispatch the second bag, with a corresponding charge, as its dimensions exceed the measures permitted.

In an effort to unify and standardize the measures of the suitcases up with one, during the annual meeting of the International Air Transport Association  held in Miami, Tom Windmuller, a vice president of that organization, announced a new standard for hand luggage.

“Many airlines have different size requirements for these bags. This is a nuisance for everyone,” Windmuller said. According to IATA,  a new standard size for hand luggage: 55 cm, 20 cm by 35.

The problem is that these new measures involve a reduction in the size supported today by several airlines.


IATA study on bearing the luggage and applies the legend “IATA Cabin OK”, a label that can not be attached to suitcases already on the market. The new measures will not be mandatory. “Each airline is free to set its own policy regarding the luggage,” said IATA according to the Spanish daily El Mundo.

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