Airline Guerrilla Marketing

Airline Guerrilla Marketing

Many airlines are known for “low cost”, but they themselves have wanted to enter an increasingly aggressive war. Almost always, when we see on the Internet an offer for a particular destination for a small fee, we become curious at least to know if it’s true, or because we are really interested.

One example is the offer  for a price cover below € 30 at a relatively attractive destination, perhaps to seek our time, not a stated price, but they already have got in your associate mind trip from their brands, even if you do not get that price. One issue that should be analyzed, is the price war that are often made for the same dates and same airport, but this will adapt to the market more than anything else.

Taxes, fees and Additions

By consequent, any airline could not survive by selling cheap tickets, (it is also true that the cruising speed of the aircraft is usually lower to conserve fuel), and that additions are higher in prices and in return, profitability is seek by all. If you want to travel along with all the comforts maybe an airline of this nature would not also be the most appropriate, but also add that because they are changing the way we travel by a public although a prior look younger. It is becoming more used by people of any age.

Popular destinations and second chances

One point that strikes me, is the variety of destinations they offered, but analyzing it is pure marketing strategy. There is always a relationship between consolidated destinations and usually never go out of style such as London, Paris or Rome and other destinations that are committed to put these facilities for landing their aircraft and thus promote the destination. Examples could Gdansk, Marseille, Catania or Tangier.

Truth be told, from a tourism point of view there are many cities that have seen more than favored by these companies although once analyzed and made only a sketch, it is clear that the future will be increasingly a Low Cost society that price will be important but increasingly required value.

Does your marketing theory is used for other tourism sectors?

Amit Kumar

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