This is New Zealand where filmmaker Peter Jackson has turned the saga of “The Lord of the Rings” and his latest film “bilbot the Hobit.” The grand and surreal landscapes of this destination served wonderfully Tolkien’s universe. New Zealand is a destination in which the diversity and richness of the world are concentrated.

It is often compared to a sunny version of Iceland. Located in Oceania and consists of two main islands, the North Island and the South Island, and a string of smaller islands, New Zealand has indeed a remarkable fauna and flora which, despite remoteness, make it an exciting and generous tourist destination.While crossing from south to north the two large islands, you will meet all climates, all landscapes, and all atmospheres.

In the extreme south, the climate is Norwegian, to inland, you make skiing on the coast, and you admire the whales swim in the fjords.Around Auckland, the climate is almost Mediterranean. In the far north, you are in a subtropical area with warm water and lush vegetation. In short, to visit New Zealand, it is a little drive around the world in one holiday. A dream trip, dear and distant, to offer a once in a lifetime.


Practical advice

Some restaurants do not have permission to serve alcohol are indicated by a sign displaying “bring your own”. So you can bring your own bottle. The liquor stores are closed on Sundays and holidays.

Weather / When to go

What is the best time to visit New Zealand? What will he do now? All weather and climate information.

“Weather in New Zealand”

Passport / Visa / Formalities

The visa is not necessary for stays of less than 3 months, provided you have a plane ticket and valid return (Varied to the citizen of country to country).


New Zealand 20 flight hour’s minimum…

The only problem of New Zealand is a country radically away from everything and especially from Europe or USA which it is the opposite. Unfortunately there is no quick way to go in New Zealand as in Europe, you will have between 24 and 32h flight.

And do not expect to get a return ticket for less than 800 euros (and again you’ll be lucky, the average price is rather around 2000 euros). So we can only repeat that it is really worth. And if that is not enough to convince you, then simply consider doing a tour in Southeast Asia and Oceania and go through Australia and New Zealand by during your journey. But beware, Australia is still distant of 2,000 km from New Zealand.

Driving in New Zealand

To drive a car or a motorhome in New Zealand, you will need the international driving license. The driver be at least 21 years and insurance require a supplement for children under 25 years. Traffic is left and the priority right. The speed limit is 100 km / h outside towns and 50 km / h in cities. The roads are in very good condition.


Auckland International Airport

Auckland International Airport is located 25 km from the city center.

Counting 450 NZD taxi.

Shuttle bus every 30 minutes (15 NZD).

Several airlines operate in New Zealand (Air New Zealand, Qantas, and Pacific Blue): Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington are served by air.

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