8 Things not to Do in a Hotel

8 Things not to Do in a Hotel

                   Everywhere and everything of this world have certain values, what should do and what not. Hotels also having certain manner, rules and regulations that human being must have to follow. Everyone should consider these recommendations and avoid for becoming an unwanted guest. And we must maintain certain behaviors of conduct not to make inconvenience others.

                   Hotels are made to rest. Nothing is better than a good hotel to rest and recharge energy. But nothing is worse than a rude, disrespectful and inconsiderate guest, who ends up bothering others with his behavior. Often, because of ignorance or wanting to be too clever, many travelers end up incurring inappropriate behaviors while visiting hotels. The TRAVEL TIME Magazine consulted several hoteliers about those things that travelers should never do while staying in a hotel. Take note. (See also thirteen things you should never do in an airport)

    1. Lots of noise

 The walls of the rooms of the hotels are usually very thin. So everything or almost everything you do can be heard through those thin walls. So be considerate and avoid excessive noise in conversations or in other things you do. It is not nice to unravel while the neighbors are in ecstasy. Remember that the hotels are public places and the rooms are not the place for the party. Relax and just rest.

      2. Minibar

It is customary to remove many provisions of the minibar and then buy the same products and replace them. So they buy those products at a good price and avoid paying high costs. What few people know is that, many of the new hotels are installing sensors that will immediately know when you withdraw a product from the minibar and charge it to your account. Hotels mark each item with stamps to avoid any confusion. Also sleeping on the others’ room is totally inconsiderate. 

       3. Do not take what is not yours 

Yes, pillows, robes and towels are delightful temptation. Therefore, many pack them in their suitcases. Not only that, they also pack iron, hair dryer, radio or coffee or even the lamps and the televisions. Sometimes nothing happens, they do not even realize, but in others the charge are very expensive. What you can take are the jars of shampoo and other amenities.

         4. The extra company

  You have the right to let a guest enter  or a person accompanying you to your room. But it’s only for a considerable amount of time. If the passenger spent the night with you, they will charge for that. Many are surprised when they see that there are some additional charges for the person who slept over. 

      5.  Respect the Standards

For the hotels to be friendlier, note that it is not your home. For example, if you are warned that smoking is prohibited in the room or in internal spaces, or see signs that indicate, obey. Fines for overlooking this rule can be up to $ 500. And they are not negotiable. Most hotels have smoking areas, but others will not even let you smoke in their outdoor areas.

         6. Decorum

Some people think that they can do whatever they want as they are paying. These guests have no problem walking in his underwear in hotels. They move on with light clothes or whisk until the same ‘lobby’ or common areas of the hotel. And greasy food dishes or takes out trays ‘room service’ odorous and unpleasant, with remnants of food- and leave them on the floor outside the room. That is in bad taste.

       7.  Extra Services

 So you have paid for an all inclusive service, will always be things that are not included. For example, massage or spa beauty treatments, spirits, or some films that appears tempting while changing TV channels. No excuses will be worth nor understand the dismissal. You will pay, and often very expensive.

         8. Abuse

The hotel staff is for your service, so treat it well, with respect and gratitude, and if it is in your hands, leave a tip. Nothing is worse than an abuser and superb host. And although the waitresses work of fixing your room, be considerate and do not leave them much clutter or things on the floor.

                   The survey of worst and best guests

A survey by Expedia site, with 4,500 hotels worldwide, concluded that the French are the worst guests. “they make no effort to communicate, are inconsiderate, ‘stretched’, rude, arrogant, beggars, stingy and arrogant,” the study concluded. The Japanese were chosen as the best guests: they are friendly, grateful, and generous and always smile. 

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