10 Tips to Travel Peru

10 Tips to Travel Peru

Peru offers beautiful activities like swimming with dolphins in the Pacaya Samiria or navigate the Amazon and to travel peru, we have discussed on 10 tips which can guide you to travel peru with most exciting experience.

Discover the beauty and diversity of the Amazon

Traveling north of Peru will not only make you think of beaches, sun and the holidays but also northern Peru have beautiful attractions to enjoy and have fun with special moment.

There are many ways to know Amazonas, Cajamarca, San Martin and Loreto. Here, a selection of the ten most tempting:

  • Discover the beauty of the longest river in the world: Amazon, which protects native communities, animal wealth and natural beauty in its depths and banks.
  • Nothing surrounded by pink dolphins in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, a protected natural area the second largest in the country.
  • Browse the Amazon on a cruise and awake watching the lush rainforest from the comfort of a suite.
  • Try one of the best chocolates in the country in San Martin factory Orchid.
  • Relax taking a kayak ride the Blue Lagoon, which owes its name to the blue-green color of its waters.
  • Try a succulent juane made chicken and wrapped in sheet bijao in any of the restaurants in the Amazon. One highly recommended is La Blanquita, Iquitos.
  • Bowled with impressive Gocta waterfall, which has a drop of over 770 meters remains.
  • Discover the archaeological complex of Kuelap, a stone construction of 600 meters long and with walls up to 20 meters.
  • Learn by your small to milk a cow on the farm Porcón.
  • Escape to adventure in the forest of stones Cumbemayo in Cajamarca.
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