10 Best and Worst City of the World

10 Best and Worst City of the World

If you want to find out what is the quality of life, you have to move to Australia. At least that is the conclusion to be drawn from the study of the Intelligence Unit of the ‘The Economist’. 

Australia has four cities out of ten in the world with more quality of life, including who heads the ranking for the fourth consecutive year, Melbourne. To choose it as the city in which it is more advisable to live on the planet, the accessibility of its health and education systems were evaluated as very standard and its low rate crime, infrastructural development, cultural and sports activities are some areas of attractions for which people  name this city as their favorite destination to visit on.  Adelaide (5th place), Perth (7th) and Sydney (9th) are the other three Australian cities in the top ten as the most livable Cities in the world. Another three cities in the table are from Canada: Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary. Europe brings two cities in the ranking, where Vienna is in second position behind Melbourne while Helsinki makes the eighth and Auckland (capital of New Zealand) closes the Top 10.

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But The Economist ‘has also been concerned for warning of what cities have the worst quality of life of the world: The capital Syria ,Damascus , is in the lead to civil war in which the country finds itself; followed Dhaka , in Bangladesh , the position is gained to their levels of crime, traffic and pollution. Port Moresby, capital of Papua New Guinea, complete this sad podium mainly due to its extremely high level of crime. The rankings are drawn taking into account 30 different factors, among them the political stability, the health services and education available, access to culture, care of the environment, the infrastructure development are some pivotal factors to be considered for raking as the best and worst cities of the world.

The 10 cities with the best quality of life in the world:

  1. Melbourne (Australia)
  2. Vienna (Austria)
  3. Vancouver (Canada)
  4. Toronto (Canada)
  5. Adelaide (Australia)
  6. Calgary (Canada)
  7. Sydney (Australia)
  8. Helsinki (Finland)
  9. Perth (Australia)
  10. Auckland (New Zealand)

The 10 cities with the worst quality of life:

  1. Damascus (Syria)
  2. Dhaka (Bangladesh)
  3. Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea)
  4. Lagos (Nigeria)
  5. Karachi (Pakistan)
  6. Algiers (Algeria)
  7. Harare (Zimbabwe)
  8. Douala (Cameroon)
  9. Tripoli (Libya)
  10. Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

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