10 Behaviors Most Hostesses Hate About Passengers

10 Behaviors Most Hostesses Hate About Passengers

You call them snapping their fingers or ignore them, among the things that bother them.


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The hostesses bother if ignored when safety instructions are given.

A poll published by the flight booking site Skyscanner, in 2013, collected the behaviors that annoy flight attendants. These are the most common:

  1. Snap your fingers to draw the attention of the auxiliary flight.
  2. Up seat earlier than allowed.
  3. Meter over the permitted hand luggage in the overhead compartment. (See also The twelve things you should never do in an airplane)
  4. Complain of the lack of space in the overhead compartment.
  5. Speak during the explanations of security.
  6. Request more blankets or pillows.
  7. Leave garbage in the front pocket.
  8. Aska different food than is available. (See The trap to prevent recline the seat of the plane)
  9. Call the stewardess to complain about the temperature of the aircraft.
  10. Ask for a brand of drink that is not available.

Asking about TIME again and again to hostesses might also annoy them as they hardly have any influence on the landing time of the aircraft, so if you keep telling yourself busy for your rush schedule  and urgency, that might not be entertained as they hardly can do anything for you except listening you in a good manure that you should understand if you are wise enough.

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